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Exterior Elevations for the Holzmann Two-Story Home Addition in NE Portland, designed by Luis F. Miramontes Online Drafting Service USA in 2014.


PERMIT # 2014-161821-000-00-RS.

Looking to enhance your living space with a stunning home addition project in Portland, Oregon, or anywhere in the USA? My online drafting services in the USA provide detailed and accurate home-building plans for all residential construction projects, like in the Holzman Home Addition.

The house construction design plans for the Holzman Home Addition in NE Portland were designed with needs in mind.  I made sure that every aspect of the project was tailored to meet specific requirements. The project’s scope was to add a new kitchen on the main floor and a master bedroom on the upper. The existing spaces adjacent to the new structure had to be remodeled. The house went into a major addition and remodel.

I also created a basement bedroom with an egress window and a new basement bathroom, ensuring that every inch of the home was optimized for comfortable and stylish living. The project was permitted for construction in 2014 by the  Bureau of Development Services (BDS) of the City of Portland, I myself expedited the building permit for this project.

My comprehensive home building plans services include all the drafting sheets you need for a successful project, from site plans and existing and proposed floor plans to foundation plans, framing plans, sections, details, and exterior elevations. I respond to checksheets for plan examiner changes, ensuring that your project goes smoothly from start to finish and gets approved for construction.

Site plan for the Columbia-Inn Bathrooms Renovation project in Astoria, Oregon approved for construction in 2014. The plan includes detailed drafting sheets for the existing and proposed floor plans, sections, details, and exterior elevations.

If you’re looking for professional and reliable online drafting services in the USA, look no further than me, Luis F. Miramontes. This is the Columbia-Inn Hotel bathroom renovation project in Astoria, Oregon, approved for construction in 2014.

The scope of the project was to renovate 22 hotel bathrooms, replace plumbing fixtures such as toilets, hand-wash sinks, and shower/bath combos (for all 22 units), as well as renovating existing party walls in adjoining units (12 total). In addition, I drew the exterior elevations with 22 new windows to enhance the hotel’s exterior facades.

Luis F Miramontes Online Drafting Service USA

As an expert home building plans draftsman, I ensured that the plans included all the necessary drafting sheets to secure the building permit from the Building Department of the City of Astoria, including the Site Plan, Existing and Proposed Floor Plans, Sections, Details, and Exterior Elevations. I pride myself on providing detailed and accurate home-building plans that are also customizable to meet the specific needs of each project.

I understand the importance of timely delivery, and I work hard to ensure that my comprehensive home-building plans services are delivered on schedule. As an online home building plans service provider, I am committed to offering affordable and personalized services to all my clients.

When you work with me, you can be confident that your bathroom renovation plans, or any other type of renovation plans, will be completed to your satisfaction. I also respond to checksheets for plan examiner changes to ensure that your project meets all the necessary codes and regulations, and obviously, the approval for construction.

Have a custom bathroom renovation project and need plans? can you work online with me? Get in touch, my online service is simple and convenient.

Online Drafting Service for El Campesino Food Market, Cornelius, Oregon, 2014.

El Campesino Food Market Site Plan approved for construction in Cornelius Oregon, USA. Drafted by Luis F. Miramontes Online Drafting Service USA in 2014.

During my early years of practice in the home renovation drafting service field, I was thrilled to work at the “Campesino Food Market” in Cornelius Oregon. The project involved renovating the existing structure by adding a separation wall that created a kitchen space. The kitchen space was to be used to serve food for human consumption with “to-go-only” conditions while maintaining the existing food market and groceries department. Since the project was classified as a “Light Commercial” per the zoning code, I worked closely with my clients to ensure that all requirements were met for approval.

The drafting services for this project included creating detailed and accurate plans, including a Site Plan, Existing and Proposed Floor Plans, Sections, and Details. I offer customizable, professional, and personalized home-building plans at an affordable rate. As an online drafting service provider in the USA, I offer comprehensive services, including timely delivery and the expertise of an experienced draftsman. My service also includes checksheet responses to address plan examiner changes, ensuring that all requirements are met before construction. For this project, I had to also expedite a food permit from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

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