Floor plan approved for construction in Portland, Oregon. CAD drafting service near me. City of Portland 2015 construction permit #15-170521-RS.

CAD Drafting Service Near Me in Portland, Oregon

If you’re looking for CAD drafting services near you in Portland, Oregon, look no further than me, Luis F. Miramontes. With over 20 years of experience in architectural CAD drafting, I offer affordable and professional services for your next project.

I provide drafting plans for a variety of projects, from single-story home additions, two-story home additions, new homes, dormers, townhomes, and all kinds of home remodels to light commercial projects. I can also help you bring unpermitted projects and code violations up to code. I speak Spanish, which is especially helpful for Spanish-speaking clients.

My drafting process is simple and straightforward. Email me hand-drawn sketches, building records, pictures, or any other relevant information about your project, and I’ll provide an estimate for pricing and turnaround time within one day. If you approve the estimate, I collect a down payment of 33% of the total price via PayPal, Zelle, or Payoneer.  At that point, I’ll begin drafting the floor plan of your project, which I’ll send to you for review a few days after. We’ll repeat this drafting process back and forth until your plans are completed. You’ll be informed of all the progress I make throughout the drafting process. Once your plans are complete, they’re delivered to you and ready to be submitted for permitting. I’ll maintain communication with you throughout this process to ensure that all your needs are met. In the event that a planning/building plan examiner sends you a “check sheet” requesting changes, I’ll deal with those at no extra cost. In other words, my drafting service also includes plan changes throughout the permitting process.

All the building plans I work on are designed to meet state building codes, making them an excellent choice not only for clients located in Portland, Oregon but also across the United States. The entire plan drafting process takes between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on the size of the project.

I charge an hourly drafting fee of $45, and the total price of the project depends on the amount of time spent. Just to give you an idea, most projects range from $900 to $3,500.

If you need a CAD drafting consultant, firm, or contractor near you, look no further than me. My CAD drafting services provide experience, expertise, and dedication to ensuring the approval of your building plans. Want to hire my services? Get in touch.

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